Book Review: Mohini: of Bollywood Dreams and Obsessions by Ramendra Kumar

Bollywood is something that intrigues us all. No matter fictious or real, somehow we all seem to like stories related to the showbiz. While I always wondered if the movie Dirty Picture was really based on a real life story, given that some incidents were just too real for me, I got to read the book “Mohini: of bollywood dreams and obsessions” thanks to Sarika and Janhvi …Read more

Book review: I am life by Shraddha Soni

Everyone wants a fairy tale, but not everybody gets one. But no matter where your life takes you, you can definitely make one hell of a story out of it. This is how I summed up Shraddha’s amazing book “I am life”. Spoiler alert, you are going to love it if you feel like reading a short and precise story currently.

Publisher            Random …Read more

Book Review: In Pursuit of a lesser offence.

 Do you remember Geet from the movie Jab We met? Well, meet Sangeet. She doesn’t have the similarities with the character but she does have a similar turmoil in life. If you like reading a book where the protagonist is someone you can relate to and it provides you all the climaxes and twists you need, In Pursuit of a lesser offence is one book to go …Read more

In Conversation with Priyanka Baranwal

Today we are in conversation with Priyanka Baranwal, author of the book “It’s Never Too Late.”



Shubham: Welcome Priyanka. It’s really a pleasure to have a chat with you.
Priyanka: Thanks. Pleasure is all mine.


Shubham: To begin with, tell us a bit about your book.                    Priyanka: It’s Never Too Late is a story of woman Maya. She is educated from IIT Kanpur and grabs a job in Bangalore. She lives with her best …Read more

The Hunt for Kohinoor: A Book review.

A thriller, a gripping story, a nicely packed action narrated beautifully in about 400 pages. If that entices you even a bit, The Hunt for Kohinoor is the book you should go for this weekend.

Title: The Hunt For Kohinoor       51u0GEZaglL._SL500_AA300_

Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Publisher: Westland …Read more

7 things not to do this valentine

The problem with our country is that we’re too many. In every corner of even the remotest place in a distant city you’ll find 1-2 million people and that’s just like .08 percent of our population.  Of course there will be millions who are in a relationship, millions who are single and millions who …Read more


download Why do you write, I am often asked. I too have pondered over this question quite a bit. Why does a writer write? Is it for earning his livelihood? Of course not. How many writers can make a living out of writing, especially in India? I think you can count them on your fingers. If I had to live on my writing I would have starved by now and this I …Read more

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